Dedicated Property Manager

Kevin and Charlie (Father and Son) offer experience and youth to this department and would look after all aspects relating to the building, the main ones include:

  • Site inspections
  • Caretaker management
  • Weekly updates for committee members
  • Health & safety matters
  • Insurance
  • Contractor management
  • Arranging and attending meetings

Accounts Team

Carrie who leads our accounts team has over 20 years’ experience in this industry and deals with all financial matters relating to our buildings. This includes:

  • Budget preparation
  • Service charge collection
  • Payments of invoices
  • Arrears management
  • Provision of financial information

Our accounts team are always available to take your call or email to assist with anything financially related.


Site Inspections

Depending on the size of the property, this will usually be every week. The property manager will make sure that the building is running smoothly and all the health and safety requirement are up to date and high standards are maintained.


Contractor Management

We ensure that the quality of work carried out is to a high standard and completed by a trusted contractor and ensuring value for money. All our staff are trained in project management to ensure there is no stress for our clients when small, medium or large-scale works are needed.



We carry out full liaison with solicitors, accountants and other professional parties to ensure sales/purchases proceed to completion as quickly and smoothly as possible.



We organise AGM’s and EGM where appropriate and other additional meetings any property owners require during the year.

Where committees are in place we organise regular meetings, executing decisions made and keeping the committees informed at every stage.


Estate Management

We work closely with owners of all sizes of property portfolios, whether this comprises of a few apartments or over 200 commercial or residential units.

Our flexible approach means whether you want to delegate all responsibilities or just parts, we can control as much or as little as you wish.

We believe that our transparent and friendly approach has built our long-trusted client list which include families, trustees, the public sector and corporations.

The team are happy to discuss with you how we can help.